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North talks up test credentials with China

North talks up test credentials with China

After talks with leaders from more than 20 nations in Beijing, Trump met with Chinese President Xi Jinping to talk “about the common interest in global peace and security.”

The two men discussed terrorism, South China Sea disputes, trade, cyber attacks, cyber espionage and North Korea.

It wasn’t immediately clear what the two sides talked about, but the conversation appeared to have been “focused on their shared interests in the development of the North Korean economy,” according to the White House. addition to their meetijarvees.comng, Trump also met with Chinese President Xi and U.S. Vice President Mike Pence.

The two men will also hold bilateral talks with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

While both Trump and Xi spoke at 바카라사이트length about Asia, many of the topics on the two sides of the table were vague and didn’t exactly define what they were trying to talk about.

Trump met last week with top business leaders including Apple CEO Tim Cook and Chief Executive Officer John del Signore, who discussed how to compete in an evolving global economy that’s shifting away from American jobs.

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