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Prisoners of war dreaming of food, they might have a chance to escape in a single night, and be sure of the safety of a safe passage

Prisoners of war dreaming of food, they might have a chance to escape in a single night, and be sure of the safety of a safe passage.

But they had to survive a night in the wilderness. They had to survive the night of the most brutal and terrible hunger, the night of a few바카라사이트 desperate souls who refused to die.

And this is why when I am sent away from my country, I do not come back alone; I come back as a friend, not a friend with the enemy바카라사이트. As I am returning with a friend I bring with me a treasure, but it may be no more than a handful of grain that belongs to me.

And so, friends, for the life of me, I cannot describe in words the kind of hunger we feel, the love we feel in return for the food that we feed our prisoners. I am not talking of those who have no food or the few who are so hungry that they cannot eat or cannot bear it without help.

To the hunger hungry, I say, “Come with me, for I am going to bring you something.” This, of course, I will not give you; my eyes are on the food and not on the enemy. And to those who have the courage to come and go as they please, I say “Come with me and let your hunger bring you peace.”

And with me, my friends, are some of the most magnificent things in the world, the most magnificent things a soldier could be. I give you these beautiful soldiers in the hopes that through these prisoners you may receive the precious and special help of life itself, an artistry and a gift you can be proud of and that you can bring to honor those you are protecting and who are guarding you on the battlefield.

I thank you for bearing with me.

And now, friends, the one word of thanks I do not ask is of course to have all of you remain in the company of the men who served in Germany and who gave the greatest of their life in the last days of their country. I am very glad to have you here.

So I wish you the very best, to serve with the men who gave so much of themselves, who gave everything you are able and are now putting their lives 예스카지노on the line to do something which no human being in all the world can accomplish.

My brother, from the beginning of my life to today this war has been a struggle and an ordeal for every man who served with the German armed forces i

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