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Drunk driver leaves crash scene in east Vancouver

Drunk driver leaves crash scene in east Vancouver

Police say they found a man and woman with blood on their clothes and clothes in their car, but a man was treated for minor injuries.

A witness said they drove through a red light and hit the brakes on what they thought was another car before hitting a concjarvees.comrete curb on Burrard Inlet.

The car’s driver then sped off north along Burrard Inlet before slowing down.

“We heard a loud noise, then then some more, like another traffic light, then a few more, then some more,” said Mark Phelan of Burrard Inlet.

‘There were several people out of the car 바카라사이트and they’re on the ground.’ (CBC News)

He said they were driving at a high rate of speed.

Police arrived to find a woman with her children and a man and a woman with minor injuries.

“There were several people out of the car and they’re on the ground. They’re lying on the ground. It’s a serious situation,” said Police Chief Roger Chaffin.

There are no words to describe the devastation that they are feeling now. “This is very, very difficult and hard on us all as a police department and on our community,” said Chaffin.

Two adults and a young child were in the vehicle but were injured.

Police are using canine units to hunt for the car.

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