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Campaspe shire plans rates rise as it looks to raise some money

Campaspe shire plans rates rise as it looks to raise some money

DUBLIN — The Irish Water authority wants its rate increase as high as 60 per cent to raise some money for the local authority.

However, it said it does not expect any new investment by the authority to start until 2017.

The authority’s general manager, Stephen McCarter, said the authority will need to raise at least €4 million to fund its rate increase in 2016.

Mr McCarter added that it would take two years for the Authority to raise money from other sources, if the water service is cut by the State.

He said: “What we are looking at in relation to that is we are putting about €400 million into the system which will require about €500 million from the Water Management Board and the Community Water Supply. We will probably have to wait around two or 더킹카지노three years to start that but we are getting somewhere with that.”

He said the increase was for a particular purpose.

He added: “It is about getting people out of water and not paying out, that is the very purpose.”

Independent TDs and the Green Party welcomed the statement, but sjarvees.comaid the authority’s approach was a further setback to the water project.

A recent report into the €2 billion project from consultants KPMG said €1.4 billion of the €2.2 billion needed to meet current needs is due to be funded through the “water supply” scheme from 2016.

DUBLIN — Irish Water’s annual budget this year will be reduced from €4.8 billion to €3.8 billion.

The cuts comes after the Government announced it would reduce funding for a key water infrastructure project.

The cuts will also see the authority’s main funding scheme for the “water supply and relief” scheme scaled back.

Under this, €3 billion of the authority’s existing capital budget will be allocated to water systems, including pumps and water towers, instead of the water distribution scheme.

W바카라사이트ater supplies could also lose out to the “streamfront” system for local distribution, which will now provide 1.1 million litres per month instead of the 1.2 million litres a day it was planning.

The reduction will save the authority €2.1 billion from the budget by 2020.

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