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Federal pupil loan defaults: what are the results after borrowers standard and exactly why

Key Points

  • Observers usually think about education loan standard as being a terminal status. But 70 per cent of borrowers bring their loans that are federal into good standing within 5 years after standard.
  • 5 years after defaulting, 30 % of borrowers fully pay back their loans. Other people bring their loans into good standing through resolution processes, but typically never make progress paying off their loans also many years later on.
  • Within 5 years after leaving standard, 30 % of borrowers sign up for more student loans, and another 25 % standard once again on brand new or current loans
  • Defaulters whom reduce their loans can incur large costs, but costs are mostly waived for folks who complete resolution processes even when they cannot spend straight down their balances later.
  • The standard quality policies are complicated and counterintuitive, and additionally they can treat borrowers that are similar for arbitrary reasons. We advice a easier and fairer system that levies a consistent cost, protects taxpayers, and permits for quicker quality following the very first default.


While education loan default is a subject well included in scholastic literary works in addition to news, nearly all of that analysis has centered on just just just what predicts standard with an optical attention toward preventing it. Nevertheless, really small research appears at what are the results to student borrowers after they default on federal student education loans. Federal loans constitute some 90 % of pupil financial obligation. Continue reading »

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