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The current Study

Our aim would be to examine the disparities in prices of childhood and peer victimization between LGBs, heterosexuals, and MH people Although bisexuality is observed become much easier to conceal than homosexuality 29, studies have indicated that the prices of childhood victimization experiences among bisexuals equal and often surpass prices of victimization of lesbian and homosexual individuals 1,7,11,30–32. One description because of their risk that is elevated is they often times face discrimination not merely from their heterosexual peers but additionally their gay/lesbian peers 32,33.

Both share the problem of “double discrimination”, MHs tend to behave more closely to heterosexuals than bisexuals when it comes to sex and relationships while bisexuals and MHs. For example, one research discovered that a bigger percentage of mostly heterosexual men (6%) and girls (9%) have experienced a partner that is same-sex heterosexual men (1.5percent) and girls (2%). Continue reading »

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