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Too Het # 3: ”There are merely girls as of this school”

Approaching the yuri genre; Japanese pop music artistic culture’s stories of women’s same-sex love and desire because of the motive of finding (and maybe borrowing) visual tropes of physical closeness – from skinship to intercourse, adds one further viewpoint towards a currently contested genre. Classifying tales and representational techniques in accordance with imputed audience’s gaze is apparently the way that is simplest at first to try and winnow down clearly exploitative girl-on-girl-action porn that has been custom-built for horny guys’ instant needs and never much else. From here in, it gets complicated.

An array of visitors, including right dudes could form a flavor for light romantic melodrama which yuri does well, hence preventing the want to slip into bookstores through the night to get Harlequin romances. Neither should we discount the selling point of viewing the primary character(s) progress through a shadow-of-lesbian (and on occasion even semi-realistic lesbian) bildungsroman, specially when we are able to cheer the character(s) on from a secure distance that is emotional. We have speculated on yuri as a website for this kind of expanded take in the effect that is iyasheki even while this psychological distance dangers trivialising real lesbian subjectivities.

WARNING: Adult themes and over-consideration of traditions of Japanese cartoon closeness underneath the cut. Component 3 of a 4 component show on limitations within Japanese vernacular artistic narratives intimacy that is depicting. Snark. Some spoilers.

These factors apart, one must agree totally that for the heck of plenty of yuri, even in the lighter no-overt-sex variety (stubbornly still known as shoujo-ai in certain western quarters) figures aren’t timid about actually affection that is showing. Continue reading »

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