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Okay, its all smut. — closest friend jungkook; -) 1 & 8 See, that’s just what the software is good for.

Okay, its all smut.

Parkmuse asked:

Irresistible (M)

“Say that again you small shit, and discover just what happens…” + “You think we can’t resist you? Because we can…”

Word Count: 3,048 (oops)

Warning(s): camster Smutty smut smut

A/N: Here you choose to go @jiminniemouse aka perv that is old! This is said to be a quick drabble but i really couldn’t contain my dirty head sorry everyone else (but welcome that is also you’re

“Jungkook, could you please shut your phone that is damn off? It is going down such as for instance a fucking fire security! ” You yell, ripping your earphones down. He had been sprawled in your settee, one hand rested under their mind additionally the other holding their phone to their face. His look ended up being fixated in the candle lit display screen of a lazy smirk to his cellphone on their face.

“I can’t make it Y/N

You roll your eyes. “Put it on silent, I’m wanting to learn right right here. ”

You don’t even understand why he had been crashing only at your house on a night friday.

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