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Tu historia tiene una entrevista

Mary’s suspected participation into the dazzling murder of Darnley on 10 February 1567 had been a governmental error of this order that is first

Her wedding 3 months later on towards the primary suspect, the Earl of Bothwell, had been a work of breathtaking stupidity. Its scarcely astonishing that the Scots overthrew Mary and locked her up.

Having escaped, she ended up being mad to put her advantage away by visiting England, where she could simply be viewed as a danger, rather than to France, where she could have been welcomed with available hands.

Emperor Rudolf II (1576–1612)

Some historians are kinder to Rudolf than previously, but by any criteria he had been a ruler that is disastrous.

He had been elected Holy Roman Emperor in 1576, he spent most of his time dabbling in alchemy and astrology though he was prone to long bouts of deep depression and melancholia and.

A staunch Catholic, Rudolf tore up the spiritual settlement that when it comes to previous two decades had kept Germany’s Catholics and Protestants from each others’ throats, and embarked for a crusade to get rid of Protestantism from Germany’s towns and villages. Continue reading »

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