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Tu historia tiene una entrevista

You toss their phone on their groan and lap, addressing the face in both hands. “Oh my god they understand. ”

Jungkook chuckles, snuggling himself closer into you. “It’s fine. I’ll inform them exactly exactly just exactly malecamwithher how good you might be and exactly how deep you could-“

You smack him when you look at the relative straight straight straight straight back for the mind, making him yelp in pain. “Don’t you dare or I’m actually likely to kick you out here. ”

“Okay, Okay. ” He groans. “So does this suggest you’re my gf now? ”

You appear him to ask such a thing at him surprised, not really expecting.

“What? I’m yours now. Well actually I’ve for ages been. Are you going to be mine? ”

Your cheeks temperature up and the face might be because red as a tomato. You smack him from the mind once more, making him yell. Continue reading »

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