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How come right women choose lesbian porn?

I am perhaps maybe not homosexual, but my porn preferences are very nearly solely lesbian. And I also’m one of many.

This informative article contains intimately explicit product.

At this stage in 2015, we’ve almost thoroughly debunked the myth that straight women don’t view porn. What type of porn we’re really viewing, nevertheless, continues to be truly a question that is open. A bit of research claims ladies choose narrative-driven, female-friendly content. Relating to other studies, we flick our beans towards the exact same hardcore intercourse scenes dudes look for on tube web internet web web sites.

Pornhub Insights recently crunched the true figures because of its year-end review. Findings recommend right women don’t enjoy watching female-driven porn or hardcore porn, almost the maximum amount of while they enjoy watching women have it on with other women:

Pornhub’s Lesbian category is the key favorite among the list of women, with Gay (male) following near at second place…. Though other classics like Teen, MILF, Threesome and Anal pepper this list aswell, it is clear that the sort of intercourse that ladies are many enthusiastic about viewing happens between people in the exact same intercourse.

In the interests of contrast, guys aren’t nearly because enthusiastic about viewing action that is dude-on-dude with “Gay (male)” placing seventh regarding the selection of top male queries.

Even though Pornhub Insights post does not distinguish between hetero and homosexual people, presuming these search engine results aren’t simply originating from lesbian women—which, considering one in three grownups searching porn websites is feminine, they’re very nearly truly not—the research raises some fascinating questions regarding porn and women’s intimate predilections. Continue reading »

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