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Disability services strike continues despite talks in Cairo

Disability services strike continues despite talks in Cairo

“The strikes will continue because the military leadership of Egypt is in the hands of the people, the general army is composed of Egyptians, and the general army knows that Egypt does not need foreign support,” Saeb Erekat told the official state news agency MENA.

Erekat said the military would continue attacking military bases but would suspend the offensive on military bases for the time being because of “political reasons” and because of the danger to the civilians of the attack.

He denied that he was proposing any measures that would undermine the authority of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, the army chief of staff.

Sisi is on a two-year term that would be up for a recall vote on December 16.

The attacks in the south have become a major headache for Sisi, who took over as president in June.

The strikes come two months after the country suspended talks between Sisi and the U.S. and other world powers to end the crisis, in which Egypt accused Islamist militants of planning a military crackdown against the army.

An Egyptian army spokesman told The Associated Press on Monday that a group of armed protesters had tried to storm a main Sisi administration b카지노 사이트uilding in Cairo, calling itself the “Army of the Revolution”. The spokesman said the people there “were arrested” and that “all are being treated in accordance with the law”.

A police official at the site of the attack told the Associated Press that four officers had been wounded in the fighting but the wounded were being treated at the same time as the police.

Sisi on Friday vowed to find those behind the attacks in the capital and vowed to punish anyone who attacked civilians or took part in the clashes.

Al Jazeera’s Ali Sawa, reporting from Cairo, said the government’s response to the attacks had been an attempt to stave off international pressure for further military intervention.

“You know that they [Sisi’s administration] have got a lot of political support from within the military leaders더킹카지노hip. I think, what is happening here is that 카지노 사이트there is pressure on this regime. I don’t think that this will deter them from carrying out attacks further, whether these are military and commercial or religious.”

It was not immediately clear whether the latest round of bombings – the third on the same site on Friday – was part of an attempt to provoke a response by the United States or the European Union.

“There are several possible motives, so you’r

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