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Quantas cuts ties with tourism australia June 25, 2006 in

Quantas cuts ties with tourism australia June 25, 2006 in

Anzeige, Germany The Tourism Authority of Australia has said it has severed all contact with Anzeige in response to the company’s decision to halt operations. [1]

Anzeige is a “free trade zone” which is governed by an agreement signed in 1995 which established Australia’s first Free Trade Area.

The government of South Africa has 더킹카지노signed and negotiated an agre카지노 사이트ement with Anzeige which, in turn, has led to more than $12 billion in trade between the two countries.

In a press release issued Monday, Anzeige said it was terminating its cooperation with the Tourism Authority of Australia because:

“We can no longer participate in the Anzeige Free Trade Area. In order to maintain our close and profitable working relationship with South Africa, we will take no further action.

The Tourism Authority is responsible for예스카지노 planning, promoting, supporting and operating the local tourism economy.”

“We are grateful to Anzeige for our continued support to South Africa’s tourism sector and look forward to the opportunity to continue developing our relationship with this fantastic brand of Australasia.”

It added it had signed a five-year contract with the Australia-South Africa Business Advisory Council – an association for both the Tourism Authority of Australia and the South African Ministry of Tourism.

But in response to critics who have alleged the Tourism Authority has become too tied to tourism, a statement from Anzeige on Monday said:

“We believe that in order to facilitate and manage the Australian hospitality market, the Tourism Authority of Australia needs to grow beyond its current capacity, both in Australia and around the world.

“We hope this will mean a decision will be made at some point towards establishing another ‘Free Trade Area.’ A Free Trade Area is a government-to-government mechanism whereby both the federal and South African governments, at the behest of the tourism industry, can develop, improve and expand their respective sectors.”

A spokesman for the Australian Government has expressed frustration over the decision and said, under current laws, the government can’t interfere with the activities of a business.

[1] The following article (PDF) by Australian and South African Tourism Authority (STA) was written from its website, in response to the comments made by The Aussie Times and the South Africa Times in response to the same article.


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