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Tu historia tiene una entrevista

Zach, who’s HIV negative, barebacks just as a premier as he has intercourse with good males — in his mind’s eye, a work reasonably low from the “unsafer” continuum.

However the choice to abandon condom usage just isn’t constantly a street that is one-way. Dave, an HIV negative guy whom when tossed himself to the latex-free life for many months, is the one instance: although I certainly believe that latex negatively affects my sex-life. “ I made the decision to stop barebacking due to the prospective health problems — and maybe not just HIV –” But he says he could be nevertheless quite definitely drawn to raw sex — “somewhat like a moth up to a flame. ” Health problems that drive dudes like Dave back to condoms consist of such STDs as herpes, hepatitis, gonorrhea and anal warts. As well as for good barebackers, these STDs can considerably impair the immune protection system, accelerating the development of HIV illness. The danger that features put barebacking in the center of nationwide debates on homosexual sexual mores, needless to say, is the fact that of HIV. Many HIV negative guys are barebacking, even though some try to get it done just with other negative males, it is impractical to be positively clear on a partner’s serostatus. Continue reading »

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