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Principal’s Message

Westfield senior school is destined for amazing things in 2019-20. I will be so lucky to lead college with instructors who’re passionate and focused on helping our students learn and develop. I will be additionally lucky to own such concentrated, accountable and gifted pupils, sustained by moms and dads who begin to see the value in a quality training. This can be plainly a combination that is winning permits us to proceed with the course of quality. Excellence isn’t the consequence of an excellent intention or clever slogan. It is really not a obscure value that is effortlessly accomplished. It comes down from a solid, urgent need to enhance the way we do things whenever we see one thing we could do better. We’re spending so much time to make sure that Westfield highschool will undoubtedly be seen as a performing that is top in academics, athletics, and pupil tasks. Continue reading »

Posted by Miguel on 27 agosto, 2020 | Posted in match review | Comment