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The Closet and Gay-Bashing

For some homosexual men, “Hiding and passing as heterosexual turns into a lifelong hatred that is moral of self; a maze of corruptions, petty lies, and half truths that spoil social relations in household and relationship” (Herdt and Boxer, 1993). There are numerous homosexual males whom, before they arrived on the scene, had been either “gay-baiters” or “gay-bashers” themselves.

Attacking those identified to be gay serves functions that are several. One penile plethysmography research suggested that males with strong antihomosexual philosophy really had significant homosexual arousal habits (Adams et al., 1996). Strong antihomosexual emotions may express an attempt to manage perceptions of the gay-basher’s own identity that is sexual. This could convert since, “If we attack homosexual individuals, no body will think i’m homosexual. ” Psychoanalysts call this protection “identification aided by the aggressor” (Freud, 1966). Continue reading »

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