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A Biker’s Tale. It was said to be just a great night to see some dudes setting up.

16 Apr 2012 14281 visitors feedback

This is certainly a tale that is cautionary wishing that your particular life could possibly be more exciting, for Danny Challetts this is just what occurred to him.

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A encounter that is brief.

3 May 2020 16830 visitors feedback

Just How did we get to be the focus of a sex club that is entire? Now if perhaps they might use the gag I can tell them they have the wrong guy off me so!

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A Cousin’s Love

12 Nov 2017 5774 visitors remarks

A tale according to a chemistry between me personally and a family friend that is close. Enjoy.

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A Pretty Boy Learns Total Surrender

16 Dec 2011 75068 visitors remarks

A boy gets within the courage to see a Master in addition to total outcome is effective and completely memorable!

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A Dish Most Useful Offered Cold.

6 Feb 2016 6206 visitors reviews

This is basically the story that is first ever composed some fifteen years ago. We’d forgotten all across it hidden in a corner of my hard drive about it till I came. A night that is stag results in an unwanted experience for the groom.

Topics: Rectal Intercourse, Bondage, Hazing

Several Good Masters

1 Feb 2020 4820 visitors feedback

Your house had been filled with males in a variety of clothing. There have been males in fabric, military, and authorities uniforms and there have been some males already nude. The spot had been hefty because of the odor of dope.

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A boy that is good Charm

13 Aug 2012 11112 visitors remarks

A pretty boy that is willing and trusts all of that their Master expects of him. Continue reading »

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