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Missing elderly man jumps train to perth, dies

Missing elderly man jumps train to perth, dies

A Sydney man who reportedly jumped off a train last night has died.

John Williams, 66, from Goulburn, had been 호 게임staying at his friend’s in Goulburn on November 3 before heading for his home in Perth.카지노

A train stopped at Perth Station at 7.35pm last night, and Williams was taken up by the train at 7.56pm.

Mr Williams, who was a member of a local cricket team, died at the scene.

The incident is being investigated by the Perth City-Rural Emergency Service.

Train Services NSW confirmed he had left train at 7.05pm and was transported to the Perth City-점보카지노Rural Emergency Service unit.

A postmortem is due to take place within 24 hours.

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