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Socceroos v czech republic live blog world cup warm up

Socceroos v czech republic live blog world cup 코인카지노warm up

World Cup 2017: How do the Brazilians hold up? (video)

Javier Zanetti: One thing that stood out with us as a group was how hard they played. In the second half we thought we were going to be up. The last two or three rounds we really tried to be aggressive, be as physical as we can be. We were going to be on the back foot and get the goal but we were trying not to give up goals either. We knew that by going behind 3-2 up, that would be our best chance to get another. They were very much in our wheelhouse but we just didn’t have it going for us. If we got in that hole we were going to lose.

But we didn’t give up when we went behind. We were still going to have our chances but they definitely looked like they were going to have another. In the end, that’s what we’re all about. You can only learn from watching games, watching games and coming to the match to play. We’re coming together now and it felt as if we did it in the second half for the third time, 3-2 down and all confidence was there and the game was close.

When you go under the radar of people all the time, if you don’t have that, you don’t have that and you have the time you can show it and make that point. I’ve talked to the players and they all seem to be confident. When you don’t have those moments it’s always good because if you don’t, you miss a big opportunity. We certainly did not miss any.

I’m so happy we got through as we did today and hopefully we can finish the season on the right note. It was a great match with both sides.

You play two diffe출장 안마rent positions, how wa크레이지 슬롯s the playing of both you guys?

Javi Vitelli: For me, it was the centre, I like to play more with the ball, be creative with the ball. I have no complaints but sometimes my teammates might not be in my mood. We were in an exciting game and we weren’t really comfortable with each other but we were playing really well for the most part.

Mauricio Pochettino: It was a great performance in the middle. The way they kept the ball and controlled everything, they made the opponent miss. I’m really happy, we can see that our qualities are the biggest weapon. In the final third w

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