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Hundreds protest against alleged electoral fraud in Sao Paulo, Brazil (Reuters)

Hundreds protest against alleged electoral fraud in Sao Paulo, Brazil (Reuters)

Tens of thousands, hundreds of police officers and judges stand accused of using fraud and fraud-related charges to throw people in jail or throw them into jail cells, or have them dragged in handcuffs away on public transport.

The protests, which have swept Brazil’s cities and towns across the country, are the worst in decades. They are a direct response to the Supreme Court ruling in November 2016 that effectively allowed prosecutors to pursue criminal charges against over two million candidates for the 2015 election. Many of these people were registered supporters of outgoing President Dilma Rousseff’s Workers’ Party.

A massive series of social media and news stories about the case prompted a number of large cities and towns to declare state of emergency across the country. Police have used this power to arrest, search and strip away peop우리 카지노le’s identification.

Brazil’s supreme court has ordered that anyone being targeted by police for re세종출장샵 세종출장마사지gistering to vote must provide their voter identification number and any other identifying information they might have, unless the judge is satisfied that the person being targeted has committed a crime.

But in a sharp statement late Sunday, the president declared that there is “no need for any judicial intervention” in the election campaign and called for the case to be dropped, which would mean that people involved in political campaign fraud would all be acquitted.

The judge has said the current investigations and arrests are “unfortunate and absurd and I am quite confident that the constitutional court will uphold justice on all of the charges”더킹카지노 against him, according to a statement released late Sunday, but there has been no comment from the chief prosecutor’s office.

The court ruling had the potential to cause huge financial consequences for Rousseff, given the court had previously allowed politicians who have registered to vote to vote without their IDs, which have come to define many of the problems plaguing the current campaign.

In recent days, there have been reports that the state prosecutor’s office in São Paulo is investigating hundreds of cases of election fraud, which may lead to tens of thousands of charges being filed against political opponents.

Police in some of Brazil’s most large cities, including Rio de Janeiro, have announced that they are investigating more than 1,000 cases of fraud, according to a report by Brazilian newspaper Folha de São Paulo.

While the president has not declared martial law in his state, which would prevent officers from arresting people suspected of voting, there have been reports that officers have gone undercover and arrested voters

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