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World leaders reflect on ariel sharon bauer, president of United Nations University, April 24, 2013

World leaders reflect on ariel sharon bauer, president of United Nations University, April 24, 2013. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

The day after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned that such attacks would likely worsen ties between Israel and Iran, President Barack Obama made clear he wasn’t willing to negotiate with Iran over the nuclear agreement.

Obama, speaking at the White House, was pressed directly about the nuclear agreement by a reporter who asked about the possibility of future military action by Israel against the Iranian nuclear program.

“We’re not going to play into Iran’s hands,” Obama said.

An Israeli government source confirmed to the AP that Obama was not ready to engage in military action over Iran’s nuclear program, a statement that was confirmed by Netanyahu, who warned earlier this year that “we have a nuclear war to look forward to” after U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said it wasn’t on his radar screen in trying to negotiate with Tehran.

“There are those within the security establishment who바카라 are making up their minds. They will not give up, they want a military force, and we know that we have hundr모나코 카지노eds of thousands of military men who are ready to carry on this effort and we just don’t have the ability to get them to the negotiating table,” Netanyahu said in Israel, adding, “If we continue as we have been 출장 마사지doing, the Iranians will try to get into the nuclear program.”

An Israeli military spokesman called Netanyahu’s comments about military action a “stunning statement by a US president.”

Obama took pains to point out, though, that U.S. support for Israel is not the same thing as support for Iran, a country with which the United States has been at war since the 1980s in which more than 150,000 Palestinians died.

“The United States and Israel are working together on many issues,” said White House spokesman Josh Earnest. “We remain deeply concerned about the destabilization in parts of the Middle East, whether it’s destabilizing and fostering anti-Israeli sentiment in Syria.”

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