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Obama mccain battle in final debate ‘a win’ for Obama ahead of Florida primary Replay More Videos

Obama mccain battle in final debate ‘a win’ for Obama ahead of Florida primary Replay More Videos… MUST WATCH McCain battle in final debate ‘a win’ for Obama ahead of Florida primary 02:16

JUST WATCHED Obama says he wouldn’t run again Replay More Videos… MUST WATCH Obama says he wouldn’t run again 02:22

“He has done the work, he’s earned the right to challenge me in the nex경주안마t general election,” McCain said. “I think it’s time for a different kind of campaign and I hope you will help me achieve that goal.”

McCain’s opponent, former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley, said McCain’s “political agenda is unserious” because “we should be working to fix what he is willing to call problems with entitlement programs — like the Affordable Care Act.”

In the final debate of the presidential election, Obama responded to McCain’s claim that he would not seek re-election, saying, “I don’t want to run again for president.”

Obama also criticized McCain for raising questions about his eligibility for the presidency.

“The fact is that he hasn’t been able to prove that he’s adhering to the qualifications that the law requires,” Obama said. “He’s not adhering to the rules of the Senate.”

McCain also noted that Obama did not have a public-address announcement in his campaign-closing speech Monday and that no one in the White House and Republican National Committee announced they were running for re-election.

The debate came in the final three days of the campaign, which continues on Tuesday with McCain in Tampa.

The senator will address the audience for his fourth campaign appearance of the year at the University of South Carolina in Columbia on Tuesday.

The Democratic candidate also delivered a statement of support and thanks to the people he campaigned for, saying, “I have not lost faith in myself in t온라인카지노he end.”

Clinton and Republican opponents have been sparring about issues related to national security and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan since late September.

Clinton, in an interview with the Washington Post last week, did not mention the Iraq war in her remarks but repeated her comments during the debate룰렛 that “one of the primary reasons” to continue fighting wars is to advance the interests of the American people.

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