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Big role for little airstrip in tasmanias north west

Big role for little airstrip in tasmanias north west

A spokesman for the Bureau of Meteorology said the jet had entered Tasmanian airspace안마 at 1.31pm.

An air traffic control centre in Tasmania said the plane was heading north-westbound across the Tasmanian coast from Newcastle in South Australia, with about 700 metres to go.

The Bureau of Meteorology has confirmed two plan우리 카지노es have crashed in the southern states, including an air crash that killed a schoolboy in Tasmania.

The plane in its last visible shape, a white aircraft-sized Cessna, was in the air for about two hours, taking off from Karratha at about 1pm.

“The plane was travelling about 70km an hour from Newcastle. The aircraft went into a stall and, due to a weather report issued by the bureau, a warning was issued,” spokesman Stephen Gaughan said.

“The aircraft was heading for Tasmania.”

The aircraft was flying ab건마out 845km/h, Mr Gaughan said.

Tasmania has a maximum altitude of 15,000m at its highest point, but the jet’s radar indicated it could have travelled much further, Mr Gaughan said.

Mr Gaughan said the aircraft was not carrying passengers or baggage.

The Bureau of Meteorology has issued a new severe weather advisory, the Bureau of Meteorology said.

A spokesman for the Australian Federal Police said a major road closure had closed over the Tewantin to Durnan section of the state.

The Federal Government was on alert over the weekend after an unusual weather event – known as the Northern Lights in South Australia – which had been linked to a plane crash in north-western Tasmania.

It was also the first time that the meteorological agency had received reports from Tasmania of a plane crash.

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