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Man jailed for 17 years over brutal murder of teenage girl

Man jailed for 17 years over brutal murder of teenage girl

Jailed for 18 years after she was brutally murdered on the side of the road

Former teacher우리 카지노 and former student David Ward’s murderers have been jailed for a combined total of 17 years after murdering a teenage girl as she walked home.

The 19-year-old victim died after losing balance as she walked to her home in Northampton, and the horrific murder had been committed after Ward had been drinking in a pub.

Sickeningly cruel: Former teacher David Ward, 38, was jailed for life after killing the scho솔레어 카지노olgirl he raped

Ward, who taught children of four different countries between 2000 and 2004 and had been a school headteacher at St Mary’s School, made his victim kneel at the fo바카라사이트ot of the road and beat her to death with a metal rod.

The horrific crime occurred in May this year after Ward, who worked as a lorry driver for 15 years, had been involved in a crash.

He was found guilty of the murder of the schoolgirl while she was sitting on a walkway in her school yard.

Ward, who was found guilty of being violent towards a police officer and raping a woman in 2007, had been previously convicted of the same offence in 2001.

The prosecution told the court that Ward, who had a violent, violent and menacing history, also had numerous sexual partners.

The court heard that after the victim was murdered he turned on her, and punched her to death.

Hearing: Judge Patrick Fitton said Ward had previously abused the girl after she had been found dead in his trailer in Northampton in 2009

The judge told the court: ‘You were involved with this child. You took your time with her death.

‘You have destroyed the life of a young girl whose mother was the mother of her child. This is not something you should be rewarded for.

‘The death of this young girl is not something you should be rewarded for. It is something that is completely your fault.’

He also added that Ward had raped the woman in question and had made her drink alcohol after the girl’s death.

Fellow pupil Lucy Moore also spoke about the horrific crime, telling the court: ‘I am really shocked… she was 18 at the time she was murdered.

‘She was in a relationship with someone, a couple.

‘She was always around her mum so she was a child around the family and she didn’t leave hom

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