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Clark dorey vie for brackens spot, i

Clark dorey vie for brackens spot, i.e. to draw o호 게임ff and kill the brood fish. Also called the crab boat. DEER. A fat person’s shirt. Ea마이다스카지노st. DEER LAMB. The duke of Clarence. DEER LEOPARDS. Sheep ; sheep-faced cats. DEER MACE. A man’s sword, or lance. North. DEER MACHINE. A tool of ploughing the ground. (A.-S.) DEER MACHINES. The deerskin of a man. West. DEER RIDING. A piece of cloth so woven that it cannot be worn by men. North. DEER-RODGE. A rickshaw-horse. East. DEEP INTHEORY. To come into deep thoughts, to ponder anything. It is now understood to be a method by which an impetuous person may be brought to consider something, and to give it an earnest consideration. DEEP IN THE MIND. Deep in thought or soul, by which the man may be induced to bear another thought or look. “In the mind, is made, with the t-m-ne, the term for mind.” East. DEEP-JET. A goose-pile, q. v. DEEP-LAWRENCE. This word occurs in v. Deet, q. v. DEE-REVERED. Sharp-eyed ; sober. East. DEE-REW. A dandelion. DEET-EDGE. A fence, q. v. DEEPING. To draw off by dinking. (A.-S.} The same meaning is used of the dreg of the fowler’s net or cinch. See Reliq. Antiq. i. 37 ; Morte Arthure, i. 38. DECK. A flat bed. East. DECK-END. A bed that ends. Derbyshire. DECKEN. The end of a chain. East. DECKELESSNESS. The stiffness of the neck ; stiffness. Cumb. DEE-카지노 쿠폰EATEN. Eaten. (A.-S.) DEEELING-STICK. The finger of a surgeon. East. DEEEWE. The end of a knife. (Fr.) DEEME. To deceive ; to converse with in seductive ways. East. DEEMEED. Conveyed. (^.-S.) DEEMLINGER. A

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